The Differences of Vaginas in The Sex Doll

So you come down to the point where you get to choose which vagina you want but can't tell the difference?  Have you received the doll but now not sure whether you ordered the fixed vagina or the removable?  We have this article designed particularly for you to help you tell the difference between the removable vagina and the fixed vagina.

From the outside, when the sleeve is inserted, it is very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to tell from the outside what type of vagina a doll has!
Please note that some dolls,  may come with the removable sleeve already inserted.

The Removable Vagina 

Removable Vagina big
The removable vagina is a feature you can get for the doll that is unique in what it offers.  As displayed above, the doll with this feature can be used in combination with the removable vagina sleeve.  Please note that some manufacturers actually will insert the removable sleeve inside the vagina.  If this happens you can actually use your finger to pull the removable vagina out.  Without pulling the sleeve out it will look a lot like the fixed vagina, so please double check!   

Removable Vagina small

The Fixed Vagina

Fixed Vagina big

The fixed vagina has a slit looking look to it and doesn't have the hole like the removable. It's not as roomy as the removable vagina as some demand a tighter feeling vagina for their enjoyment. You can feel around with your finger for the hole and find it thereby pushing your finger into the hole. This feature is not compatible with the removable sleeve just to keep it in mind.

Fixed Vagina small

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