Notifications When You Get Your Dolls

(1) Do not use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the skin, and pinch the surface skin hard, so as not to cause accidental injury on the surface of the doll.

(2) It is not recommended to maintain long time sitting or standing postures other than the flat-lying posture. After use, please return to the default posture.Long time standing is not recommended for non-standing models.

(3) Do not use strong irritating liquids for disinfection and cleaning. People with allergies need to test the material and other series of materials before use.

(4) In order to ensure the service life of the doll, it is not advisable to expose the doll to a place with too much sunlight for too long.

(5) When using dolls, it is recommended to lay soft blankets or floor mats and other auxiliary materials to ensure that the dolls will not be scratched by particles on the floor or other floor materials and shorten the service life of the dolls.

Some Small issues:
Side Fusion Edge
There are fusion marks on the side that will definitely be produced during the production process, which is a normal phenomenon.

Eyes differences
Because the production batches of the eyes are different, the position of the eyeballs can be adjusted manually.

Size deviation
Due to manual measurement, the reasonable error range is about 3-5cm.

Color difference
There are 3 kinds of skin colors in the product, each skin color will have a little color difference, which is within a reasonable range.

Joint maintenance
If the joints of the puppet remain bent for a long time, wrinkles will appear on the surface, which is caused by improper placement and long-term stress on the surface. For example, if you sit on a chair for a long time, horizontal lines may appear on the abdomen of the doll.

Maintaining an abnormal state for a long time will also greatly increase the risk of the sponge layer breaking.
Please return the doll to the factory posture after use or shooting to reduce the stress on each joint.

Paint maintenance
The painting of the bionic doll at the factory uses Missdoll’s special coating process, which will not fall off under normal circumstances, but please do not wipe it hard. Please pay attention to the wiping force when using and cleaning. If you use too much force, it may cause hair loss and paint loss.

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