Top reasons MISSDOLL is the world's best sex doll choice

User experience

As a new user, like me myself before I got my first sex doll, have so many dreams and fantasy about how to intercourse with the doll. The dream breaks during the moment I put her no bed because it was a terrible experience. The doll was very chilly my penis felt nothing at the beginning, the channel was so dry it hurt me, at last my condom break, and my semen was in there…but I don’t know how to clean it well. A few days later, it had gone stink badly…TT

The most important characteristic for MISSDOLL is the original design targeting at improving your user experience. Leonardo, the founder of MISSDOLL is an experienced engineer with a master’s degree in Mechanical design and computer graphics. After testing over 100 different sex toys with my body, I gave an F score to the sex doll and masturbation cup. Considering a sexual experience with real human mate as 100 points, no sex doll or masturbation cup may exceed 10 today.



MISSDOLL is re-designing the traditional sex toy every day based on knowledge from different science branches such as Physiology, Sexology, Psychology, Engineering, computer, IT, and robotics.

Your encouragement will be the driving force for us. Thank you.

Material health and life-safe design


The first missdoll team is always asked is about the concern of health. To ensure that, missdoll team sent doll and material samples to SGS, a world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, for testing. All the test reports show that it’s safe enough for human body.

What’s more, we started a further experiment started from January 2021.

Video: Safe Material

(The fish are living happy and healthy today. I’ll keep you updated)



Talking about safety, I would like to raise the topic about electronic wire heating doll. It’s dangerous. Accidents were reported every year. The following video was taken after a 36-hour continuous heating of the electronic wire doll, it melt herself.

After 3-years development and field testament MISSDOLL presented a 100% safe heating solution, the liquid heating doll in Spring of 2021. Because the heating source is liquid, water in usual situation, it’s not going to burn theoretically. It’s not possible to melt the doll since the top temperature of the liquid was set under 158/70

Check out more information about liquid heating doll


Multi-mode interactivities

As you know, the human body is a system. It’s not only about the reproduction system. During sexual intercourse, every sensitive organ should be taken care of. Traditional sex toys were designed to do nothing more but genital stimulation, which will lead you to nothing but a sense of emptiness afterward. It's not right to consider it as single-mode, it's multi-mode interactivity.

MISSDOLL cares not only about your body but also your emotions. The new SPA sex system provides you with comfort on your genital system, as well as to the nerve system around and your skin all over your body.

Find out more about how the SPA sex system works and how it brings you extra emotion booming with ice and fire.

Strict quality control and management procedure

The QA team strictly follows the procedure checking every detail of the product according to hundreds of the specifications every day to ensure you the best quality.

It takes MISSDOLL 4 years to finish a group of unique specifications based on the inherited 30-year achievement from the industry. The specifications are updated according to new discoveries every quarter and considered as the most stringent ones.

The Most Realistic

What you see is what you get, is a top criterion for a QA passed product. And we believe it should be the solid baseline for this industry to have a healthy environment.

World-leading customer service and delivery

As promised, MISSDOLL provides the world’s top-class customer service to every customer and rapid respond 7*12. In an email or live chat, you may easily find solutions to all your questions.

(Live chat service will be online by June 2021)

Your order is generally shipped directly from the factory with plenty of inventory while you get the best cost-effective product. On meanwhile, MISSDOLL is under the construction of a global inventory center to provide worldwide customers with fast delivery.

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