Why electronic wire heating doll is dangerous

Theoretically it's dangerous

Metal fatigue

In materials science, fatigue is the initiation and propagation of cracks in a material due to cyclic loading.  Sex dolls are designed with the movement ability as human beings, it's very easy to generate the Metal fatigue for the heating wire are made from copper.  The short/open circuit often happens 3 months or earlier after you got the doll. Stuff around the doll such as clothes, sheets, and bedding are always flammable, so fire accidents were reported caused by electronic wire heating dolls.

Bed material conditions

TPE or silicone is not materials of good conductor for heat, and sex dolls are always designed with very thick skin to maintain a good feel for touch. Generally speaking, when it's warm on the surface, it's close to burning in the core.

The Real Experiments show it's of high possibility to burn

A 36 hours continuous heating experiment was held with 5 electronic wire heating dolls from different brands.

It's highly concerning that all the dolls had terrible deformation, 2 of them break. Check the following video you may notice the wire are visible. It's apparent that the inner meat of the doll is melt.


The safest heating solution for sex doll 

The liquid-heating doll is considered the safest heating doll in the world because the heating source is generally water. The highest temperature is limited by the nature mother as 100℃, it's not possible to make anything burn in your daily life.

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