To take a person as a multi I/O system

A photo of our founder Leonardo Wang.

Leonardo, the founder and CEO of MISSDOLL, is a former robot designer and a certified sexual therapist.
MISSDOLL, produces original design sex robot and multi-mode interactive sex toys, is looking for global partnership on new idea sex toys and financial.

To take a person as a multi I/O system

-XBIZ Premiere issue Oct, 2021

It’s been 4 years since I was attracted by the amazing designs of modern sex toys and became one of this industry. I'm glad that each year I found them to look better. At the same time, I see the disadvantage is people put too much energy into the appearance rather than the user experiences. The fact is, nothing of the basic methodology is changed that the user is always considered as a separate reproduction organ away from its body. It’s time to change that.
Before I jump into the adult industry, I was a robot designer so It’s kind of my habit to study the user that the product is about to serve before the solution. A person is much more than a reproduction organ. The skin, the nose, the eyes, the ears, and the most important sexual organ, the brain. They function very differently during sex, and each of them is important. So, I consider a human as a multi-I/O sexual system.
In this paper, I summarized my study towards the sexual system of the human body and my thinking for sex toy designs.


It’s the core of the human sexual system, it monitors and controls everything in your body. Study shows that the brain drives both attractions to the opposite sex and sexual behaviors. it’s the vessel of the spirit. A master may even have an orgasm with his brain doing meditation only.
Talking about the sex toy, it may cause biological climax but hardly to the brain. My personal experience is, after ejaculations using a masturbation cup I always have a strong sense of emptiness feel and it's like falling from the high sky and my brain was consumed by a black hole. That’s because a small part of my body was triggered but the brain was not given enough information to be satisfied from this so-called ‘sex’.
So the sex toy designers will have to make sure the brain of the user is properly taken care of. A new experimental system was demonstrated in 2019 that may link the video to your motor-drive devices using AI technology with affordable hardware.
This means users may get stimulation from both physiological and psychical ways, like a 4D movie or so-called immersive experience. That’s absolutely a positive trend to this industry because both toymaker and content producers are going to have larger platforms and the possibility to get better profit.


In the eye of a sexual therapist, the skin is the largest sexual organ on the scale or we should call it a wideband I/O interface. I always give people advice that touching and kissing each other all over the body may largely escalate the satisfaction level in daily sex and piston movement is a very small part of it.
That’s because the body skin releases hormone to attract your mate and sense the touches from your mate simultaneously, finally, all the information are input into your brain and processed into the feeling of pleasure.
It’s easier to obtain it during a couple-sex but not in a solo. Masturbation cups/vibrators provide massage to only a small part of your skin, that's far from enough inputs to make your soul satisfied.
Based on my experience, the happy ending after a massage always gives me the energy of pleasure at least for a whole week while masturbation lasts only 3 seconds. So, during solo sex, a warm bath or shower is a better alternative solution. Some addons may hold the toy on the wall during the shower, that’s a large improvement. A new trend is to connect the toy to the shower system and using warm water to warm up the channels and your body. Imagine that, during solo shower sex it would be like in your lover's arms when the warm water goes over your body as well as goes through the hole to your penis. It does not warm up itself only but keep being juicy while you are doing it.


Neuroscientist tells us that the major reason why you feel different when your body is touched by another person and by your own hand is temperature differences. Your skin is a precise detector and it may tell your brain about this difference then your brain decides whether or not to generate joyful elements.
Sex toy makers introduced electronic heating to fool the brain but it seems it’s not working very well. That’s because the information your brain needs is not only a single digital but also the variations of it. Study shows that body temperature changes during different stages of sex dramatically. It’s beyond the ability of an e-heating toy.
I found I have so much to learn from the bionics study results while I was looking for the solution to manage the temperature. According to the knowledge base, body temperatures are controlled using the energy stored in the body and bloodstream flow.
People found that things get easier when introducing liquid systems. After all, it's much very easier to control the temperature variation of the liquid. Think about your experiences during spa with 'fire and ice', the variations control your heartbeats by constricting and dilating the blood vessels. It looks like the activity of couple sex to your brain, so it starts to act.


It’s a very hot topic these days talking about metaverse, the VR, the virtual universe. Actually, in my eyes the most important element for the METAVERSE is the interactive between real world and virtual world. For the sex industry, we will have to pay more attention on how to interactive with most of I/Os of the sexual system rather than focus on a few of them. After all, your brain will remain hungry with information only input from eyes and ears. The interactive between sex toy and the METAVERSE will be next peak for this industry.


I’ve been following some very interesting cutting-edge technologies for years, such as brain-computer interfaces and brainwave readers, and I’m glad to find there are so many candidates may improve the sexual experience. It’s for sure this industry has much more than 99% undeveloped area, it’s so exciting.
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