LIQUID-BASED HEATING. Blood-vessel-like designing for the body heating, more even, wider and safer for long-term use. The perfect mate to warm your bed and heart during the dark cold night.


Check the thermal picture following, which shows the heating doll's body temperature.


The benefits of the Liquid-heating doll

What's the advantage comparing to the traditional electronic wire heating doll?

It's warmer

Compared to the wire-heating, it's possible for liquid heating to cover a larger body part.


It's safer

The following video is a typical electronic wire heating doll accident, and it happens with a chance close to 100%. Imagine what will happen when one day your hand touches her body while you are about to sleep and there is a shortcut...


The lifetime of your doll may last longer

For electronic wire heat, long-term body movement may lead to power supply wire fail.  It's theoretically and in real the truth.

For Liquid heating, the liquid pipe is made of flexible material and is designed for the scenario of long-term bending and twinkling.  


MISSDOLL Liquid-Heating doll extra features

Every Liquid heating doll is compatible with the following features:

1. Self-Lubricating

2. Easy Cleaning

3. Vaginal Contraction



Scenario: Bed, table, sofa, chair

Material: Silicone, TPE, Stainless steel, IC

Doll size: 4.6ft, 5 ft, 5.2ft, 5.4 ft for choose

Package: Full body doll*1, MISSDOLL MATE*1, liquid heating device*1, tube, Lubricant bottle*1, etc.






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Full body Liquid heating doll



Doll Crane, transporter


Waterproof mobile phone holder at shower/spa time BLUE


Waterproof iPad/tablet holder at shower/spa time WHITE