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MISSDOLL team is always working for new ideas. In the year 2021, based on several years of our dedicated research of human sexual behavior and psychology, we are proud to introduce our brand new range of product--SPA SEX.

SPA SEX sets the basic standard for a new, immersive, multi-sensory sexual experience worldwide.

Our SPA SEX has the following unique features:

SIMPLE AND STRONG FIXING . Release your hands using the powerful Vacuum-Suction-Disk in your bathroom, so you may enjoy a real relax, wet and swimmingly, and safe sex experience.

SPA. Water is the vital element of life, moistening your body and your heart. Connect the MATE to the shower tube, and enjoy the unprecedented SPA massage you have ever experienced. The watery sexual experience brought by the SPA SEX will surely heal your mood.

ICE&FIRE. Temperature is a magic adjuster for your sensory system. SPA SEX has been carefully designed to switch between cold and hot sexual sensations. Warm or cool, hot or cold, ice and fire--it's up to you now! The changes between ice and fire lead your sexual experience into new dimensions.

HAND-FREE LUBRICANT. This feature will drag you out of your nasty memory for your sticky hand, or even a broken condom. Lubricant comes from the channels when you need it and leaves you with a lubricated pussy. Lubricated pussy is amazing! I'm sure you will thank MISSDOLL for introducing this feature once you tried our old generation competitors.

BIONIC REACTION. SPA SEX has an excellent bionic design, especially, we have our innovative VAGINAL CONTRACTION and PUBIS STRIKE function. When using it, it will bring you the feeling of having sex with real life. We hope our product will remind you how beautiful it is to have sex with a real life.

EASY CLEANING. In the first time of history, you are free from the annoying cleaning up after your happy time. Just push a button on the MATE, Everything will be cleaned, fast and thorough.

ALL IN ONE. With Oral, Anal, Vaginal and Lacteal intercourses, it covers almost all possible sex fantasy.

Choose SPA SEX, feel its charm and give yourself a perfect sexual experience.

Scenario: Bathroom, Bed, Table, Sofa, Chair
Material: TPE, Stainless Steel, IC, Rubber, Aluminum Alloy
Package: Fantasy Toy*1, MISSDOLL MATE*1, Tube*3meters, Lubricant Bottle*1, etc.
Retailing Price: 499.00 USD
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